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Dedicated TO Living Kidney DOnors

Donor Appreciation Network, Inc's mission is to increase the awareness of living kidney donation, celebrate living kidney donors, and to help donors post-donation. We recognize that increasing living kidney donation is a critical component to ending the organ shortage and we come together as a network to provide resources to help donors.

If you are a living kidney donor, contact us here to share your story.

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When a person has end-stage renal disease (ESRD), they need dialysis of a kidney transplant to survive. There are two types of kidney donation: living and deceased. There are not enough deceased donor kidneys for every person who needs one and living kidney donation has the best outcomes for the patient. Most people are born with two kidneys, but one can do the work of two, so you only need one to live. This makes living kidney donation possible. There are three types of living kidney donation. 

1. Direct donation: A person donates directly to a person, such as a loved one

2.Paired donation: donating to a compatible recipient in exchange for someone donating to your loved one

3. Complete ANONYMOUS ALTRUISTIC Donation: Giving to whoever needs it on the list


All three types are heroic and Donor Appreciation Network serves all living kidney donors. We have grants and a scholarship for donors in addition to Donor Celebration Boxes.